It’s time.

Let’s just agree to let this go.

Let’s agree to acknowledge, at least, that you are worthy of taking time for yourself and for self care. Because despite the countless times we have used the phrase,

fill your own bank first

some just aren’t getting it.

What you are getting, though, is sick and sad.

At some point you’ll get it. You will have to. You, at that point, will not have a choice.

This is a daily practice. This practice of self care.

You don’t let days and weeks build up without giving your own needs a second thought and then give yourself a one hour bubble bath, and think that it is fixed.

Daily practice my friends. Daily practice.

We don’t all have the means to spend on a spa day. We can all take 5 minutes to sit and enjoy a cup of tea.

Here is my inner hippy coming out. In the days leading up to significant lunar cycles, I read up on the effects that they have on us. I’m fairly new to this learning and it’s so esoteric and fascinating to me.

This Scorpio Full Moon is said to pull us in to the mysterious depths. The dark has power, and that makes it daunting but also a promising night for deep change and renewal. Hear that angel chorus????

Deep change. Renewal.

Here are her questions for you.

Where do you need to own your power? What is your inner most longing?

Judging by what I have heard and conversed about this week, the resounding answer may be that it is all about taking time for self and about being seen. Really seen. For the amazing being that you are.

That won’t happen when you put yourself at the bottom.

I use the following prayer often in my morning meditation.

“Let me be of service. Use me.”

Beautiful right? So selfless.

Totally beautiful. Totally selfless. Totally honest. I fully believe that I am here to serve the needs of the people that need my gifts and talents. I want the Universe to use me for that purpose. You, too are here to serve the needs of the people that need your gifts and talents.

But there needs to be a balance.

I’ve listened over and over to the very real plight of women with responsibilities out the wazoo. They are ignoring self care and they are feeling invisible for the efforts that they make daily.  I say women, but I know we don’t have the monopoly on this, it just seems to be handled differently than men. There’s an enormous growing trend of really cool guys fully and completely serving and not receiving as well. They need to listen up as well.

Here’s my suggestion

Start to be takers. It’s as simple as that.

When someone offers you help? Say yes

When someone offers you a compliment? Say thank you

When someone does something nice for you, don’t respond with guilt or regret, accept and receive the gift being offered to you.

We teach people how to treat us, ourselves included. If over and over we put ourselves at the bottom of the list, then that’s where we stay. We tell ourselves and others that’s our place. That’s where we are comfortable. Other’s respond in kind. Like attracts like.

In a conversation this morning with my spiritual running buddy, and oldest, bestest friend, I spoke about my daily mantra and how during my meditation this morning, it came to me,

What about receiving?

I’m sure all of the conversations I’ve had surrounding the topic this week have planted that question in my psyche.

If you are always giving and serving, when do you receive?

So, I changed that mantra this morning.

Let me be of service and use me. Let me also be open to receive and receive gracefully, and gratefully, all gifts that come to me for my highest and best good.

Remember to take some time to answer those questions for tonights Full Moon in Scorpio. Keep them close to your heart as you take on this next lunar phase.

  1. Where do I need to own my power?
  2. What is my inner most longing?

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