I know, I know, we all want the Cinderella story. The one where our fairy godmother comes down gives us a great dress, some stellar shoes, a sweet ride and a handsome guy that totally falls in love at first sight.

If she could also throw in a great job and a set of killer, visible abs…


We have this weird damsel in distress complex.  We are looking for someone, something to come in and save us.

Men are not immune. There are plenty of men out there that are also looking for easy, peasey, no mess, no work way to get stuff done.

I wrote on Body Integral the other day about the need to move our feet while we pray. The need to take action while we move in the direction of our dreams, goals, and desires. This is a similar concept.

Creating the life you want, is hard work. I’m not going to lie. Ask any one of the people who’s life you would want to emulate. They will all tell you that they didn’t get there with the flick of a magic wand and a magical phrase. There isn’t a magic wand. Do they love where they are? Most likely! And do they continue to do the work to stay there? Definitely. Was it easy? Hell, no.

Stop being scared of the dirty work that Cinderella had to do. She washed floors. She served others. She did all of those things and do you know what? Good things came to her. Do you know why? Because she worked for it.

You are going to have to sweat, to eat better, to save money, to gain more knowledge, to put yourself out there. You are going to have to do uncomfortable things in order to make changes in your life. Remember the ache of your legs during growing pains as a kid? That kind of uncomfortable stretch you felt? This is the same even if it’s different.

Once you let go of the need to have everything served up for you by your “Fairy Godmother” and you go out and create the events and experiences that are going to bring you to where you want to be, you will build up all kinds of your own magical powers…or so it will seem. Because you are putting in the work, things will start to happen that feel effortless. It can feel like straight up magic.

You can take my word for it, and join us in creating your own magic in 2016, or you can wait for your pumpkin to turn into your carriage. The choice is yours.