I just finished reading Gay Hendricks book The Big Leap.

Hendricks says that people live out of one of four zones at any given time. Although, we can make a visit into each and any at any point in our day.

  1. The Zone of Incompetence
  2. The Zone of Competence
  3. The Zone of Excellence
  4. The Zone of Genius

What zone are you living out of?

In the Zone of Incompetence, we are trying to do things that, simply put… we aren’t any good at. How many times do we do THAT?? We know we are not any good at something but we try to power through. Ugh. Waste of time and energy.

In the Zone of Competence, we are good at the things we are doing, but so are a lot of other people. The possibility of these things just not lighting you up- probable. This could be called your area of mediocrity. Mediocrity, is, well, mediocre. Life’s too short for mediocre.

It feels good in the Zone of Excellence. We perform better than okay at what we’re doing. People probably consider you an expert in your field. They ask you for advice, they pay you for what you do. It feels really, really comfortable. Comfortable is not a bad thing, but it causes us to not challenge ourselves, and it often allows us to settle. Comfort feels cheap easy (more on that) except for the nagging feeling that there’s something you’re forgetting, something you need to be doing. This is the area that more often than not… you are doing because you are great at it but not because you should be doing it.

Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should


Enter the Zone of Genius. You may have had glimpses of hanging out in this zone. If you’re really frigging lucky, and smart and know how to live The Pleasured Life, maybe this is where you’ve decided to hang out all of the time. This zone is where you are doing exactly what inspires you, and in turn, inspires those around you. This work, play, or hobby, lights you up. Gives you a feeling of expansion. Lightness.  Time passes and you don’t even notice. This is the Zone where you get lost in the bliss of what you are involved in. This is where you are living The Pleasured Life.

This is where you are living the pure Genius you are meant to be.

People often have a hard time making the Zone of Genius their fixed address. They come up against self-sabotaging behaiours, limiting beliefs, old tapes of who they are play on repeat in their minds. Someone tells them or has told them that living from that space isn’t going to make them money. It isn’t a real job. Or that it’s a waste of time. Or that it is ‘fun’ and fun should come after work. Or that it’s really hard to live from that space and it’s not possible to do so all of the time.


Here’s what really happens when you live from that space. When you start to spend more time there, it becomes much easier than living in those other zones. Easier, but not what my mentor, Danielle Laporte, likes to call cheap easy. (there’s the revisit)

Cheap Easy is hanging back doing what you’re good at but living in fear to find out what you’re great at.

Cheap Easy is saying, ‘Meh it’s good enough.’

Cheap Easy is not allowing yourself to completely and fully light up because it feels alright where you are.

Cheap Easy is saying you don’t need more, when you really do desire more.

Living from your Zone of Genius, is easy. It’s just not Cheap Easy. It’s Quality Easy.

Quality Easy, that’s what happens when you open to your Zone of Genius.

Quality Easy  feels easy because they’re flowing.

Quality Easy feels like you are exactly where you are meant to be.

Quality Easy brings the work you are doing to others.

Quality Easy doesn’t feel like work.

Quality easy is where you are doing what you are called to do, not what you are simply good at, or can do.