Consistently Committed?

Or is it Committed to be Consistent?

Either way there is something to be said about using consistency and commitment together to achieve the results that we want.

After surgery this year and #thesummerofpurepleasure, I returned to the gym and felt as if I was starting all over again. The weight on the bathroom scale was up but the weight that I was pulling off the racks was down.

Suffering from muscle soreness and being mad at myself for letting myself go, were almost enough to keep me in bed longer in the morning or to look for excuses not to hit the gym.

Well, I was fortunate enough to give myself little pep talks and by imagining the results I was going to have, I was able to keep going until the 6 week mark in. Somehow, the weights I could lift jumped back up to almost the pre-surgery mark and the post workout feel good feeling was back.

I remembered Allison saying that it takes about 6 weeks to form a habit. I’m starting to see the same results with our practice of getting up early to start our days with our Pleasured Life practices.  At first it sucked large to get up so much earlier now, after a while, it feels common place. I used to practice waiting until the last minute to get moving in my day, and that only made me feel rushed.

The result now, is that we feel better starting our day with purpose and meaning.

Whatever goals that you set for yourself, whether that is  beginning a workout program, a morning ritual, reading that book you always wanted, make the effort to be committed to be consistent.

Trust me, the results are worth it.