We haven’t even launched this baby yet, but I have been thinking a lot about the why of The Pleasured Life.

Why are we doing this? Why have we created a coaching business with a focus on life and conscious relationships?

Because we had some cracks; some wounds.

There is a quote from Rumi that really speaks to our why.

“The wound is where the light enters”

We all have wounds. Challenges. Heartache. Loss.

The goal is to be able to see and witness the light that enters as a result of allowing ourselves to feel and acknowledge the wound itself.

The Pleasured Life and our services are a tool for you to let that light shine in and through your wounds.

THAT is the why of The Pleasured Life.

As we look at our definition of what it means to live The Pleasured Life, we are aware of 5 main areas of our lives that we look at and strive to bring pleasure, joy, happiness and desire into. That is what you will learn to do if you decide to work with us to create your Pleasured Life.

Danielle Laporte says,

“Feeling good is the primary intention.”

Feeling good is the primary intention. Living each day from a place of pure pleasure is a gift you give to yourself that will spill out into your relationships and becomes a gift for others. That’s where the relationship piece comes in. The most important relationship you can change is the one with yourself. Knowing who you are, what you want, what you need, and a plan of how to get it= step #1.

After you can name and claim what you truly desire and what brings pleasure into your day, then we can work on the other important relationships in your life. When you are able to work through in this method, you first, others second, you will be inspired to create a tribe of people with whom you feel supported and hold a strong desire to offer support back.

Our mission is selfish really.

Have you heard about the Theory of the 100th Monkey? Essentially, it takes a shift of only 4% of the population to create enough catalyst for change to force movement in the world. We want to affect the change and create a world where people are living pleasure as their set point instead of a reward at the end of an achievement because that makes our own lives more amazing.

We know that’s what we are here to do. Why our wounds and cracks happened in the first place. To be able to help you to bring in the light.

Join us as we move forward. And join us in living The Pleasured Life.