We don’t build each other up enough.

This is nothing new. The practice of tearing each other down is timeless.

Confirming when someone is right about a topic or view can be difficult for us to admit.

Recently, I had been discussing some of my difficulties with my post hip replacement recovery with Allison. I would mention something that felt different, such as my leg feeling longer than the other, and Allison, without being too technical, would mention how such and such muscle would react in such and such a way.

Not that I thought she was wrong but I googled Lower Back Pain for Post Hip Replacement and an article  came up that echoed our conversation.

I immediately informed her of such and she gleefully exclaimed

“I told you that”.

To which I responded

“I’m confirming you were right”.

This made me think that there have been times when I would be very reluctant to admit when someone else was right. Most of those instances would have occurred because of a disagreement but in this case I was never disputing Allison’s claims. I was just giving confirmation.

It’s important to give credit where credit is due and to confirm, especially to your partner but to others as well, when they are right.

By not allowing our egos to get in our way we can “Confirm Each Others Rightness” and build each other up.