Do one thing a day that scares you.

I think the first time I saw that quote it was on a lululemon bag along with the rest of the active wear and lifestyle company’s manifesto.

Do one thing a day that scares you.

Yesterday, I had the blessed opportunity to join 3 of my dear friends for a lesson in fear. We have been discussing adventure and doing things out of our comfort zone on and off for a while. We finally got our poop in a group and headed to a Surf Style fitness class as our first adventure foray. For the last couple weeks prior to this adventure, I’ve been sharing the videos and the pictures of the studio with my girls.

Kind of a- “Look what’s in store for us” playful practice.

When we all climbed into the vehicle yesterday, the general consensus was this,

” I’m a little scared.”

When lululemon tells you to do one thing that scares you, they understand that in doing so you grow. You challenge yourself. You have experience. You change who you are. Now maybe you are good with where you are. Maybe change, growth and self discovery isn’t your thing. That’s fine. Maybe you want to stop reading.

We live in a super cushie world. If you are reading this¬†there is a good chance that you face far less fearful things in your day to day than 99% of the rest of the world. Our fearful things aren’t typically safety and well being threats. They’re more along the lines of fear of looking stupid, being talked about, losing out, rejection.

Why do we shy away from fearful things?

Self preservation is a built in human quality that keeps us alive and well. When we feel threatened physically, or emotionally, our body has no idea which is which. It releases all those fear fighting hormones just the same. So, while I’m not suggesting you do anything that could bring harm to your person, I am suggesting that you can do at least one thing daily that will stretch your soul and still reap all the benefits of doing that one scary thing.

As I tried to move my feet on that unstable board in class yesterday, I shook with physical uncertainty and mental uncertainty as well.

That’s the biggest thing, right? We are so afraid of feeling uncertain and how we may fail because of the unknowing, that we like to create distance from anything unfamiliar to us. In doing so, however, we can’t have those fail forward experiences for forward growth and momentum.

I’ve been doing a lot of things that scare the ever loving you-know-what out of me over the last few months.

I sold a business. I discovered my new identity. I’ve stood in front of workshops full of people I didn’t know to talk to them about how I feel that our bodies and our feelings hold the answers we need to make decisions for our lives. I’ve walked into new spaces and become vulnerable to strangers sharing what I feel my purpose is. I’ve created an entirely new perception of self and how to care for me. I’ve started to develop ways to share so that others can do that too.

When Vera told us that our class finisher was an AMRAP round of squats, burpees and roll ups on the board, I felt the fear and did it anyway because my fear muscle has been strengthened by stepping out of the comfortable box I have a tendency and desire to reside in. I was unstable and wobbly and fell off a time or two. I left feeling strong and empowered and ready for the next place to challenge.

What can you do? Where can you stretch?

Do one thing today that scares you.