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Allison McKee

Health Coach

Where’s my 40+ Health Class?

Women hit 35-40 years old and wonder whose body they’re living in. The conversations I’ve had with women regarding what they’re experiencing often have a recurring theme- it’s like living in reverse puberty. This menopause thing. This mid life thing. This thing.

The physical changes are one thing. The weight gain, the hot flashes…but for many the anxiety, the mood swings, the depression, the feeling of being invisible, or just not giving a sh*t are the hardest parts of menopausal transition.

From my personal training and nutrition consultant background the discovery is that food and movement affect not only our bodies but our brains and our moods as well. From my Life Coach certification the need is to keep moving forward in a discovery of yourself. Stagnation feels like death when you’re facing so many physical changes. Creating new goals and plans and seeing them through is essential for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

Here’s your health class my friends.

Research. Experimentation. And a passion for supporting women to feel their very best in every area of their lives.

You’ll find the answers you need here.

I’m here to offer women over 40, women who are navigating menopausal transition and perimenopause or who’ve entered menopause a new kind of health class.

Nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, relationships, symptom management and more.

EVERY woman will go through menopause and yet not enough women are talking about it or preparing for it.


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