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Allison McKee

Personal Trainer, Nutrition Consultant and Life Coach

I just want to feel good.

This just so happens to be the frustrated cry of so many women over 40.

It can seem as if it’s harder to feel good after 40. Body changes and life transitions can be difficult to manage. Throw in some whacked out hormones and it can feel downright impossible.

Women tend to create routines and then stick to them FOREVER! But if you keep doing what you’ve always done and you’re not getting what you’ve always got it’s time to change it up.

Your body responds differently to the way you move, the way you eat and the way you live after you turn 40…

But you CAN still:

  • feel great
  • have lots of energy
  • sleep well
  • live in a body that you love
  • have great health and vitality
  • workout and be challenged
  • eat delicious food
  • have a fantastic sex life
  • have a fulfilling career
  • feel strong, confident and empowered
  • set goals and achieve them
  • be clear minded and focused

I’m here to offer women an alternative to what we’re seeing in the fitness industry right now. Women in menopausal transition, who are struggling with maintaining weight, brain fog, hot flashes, depression and anxiety need a new approach than they’ve had before. I”m here to help you to have all of the things listed above even after you turn 40.

I’ve learned how to exercise, eat and live in a way that works with the changes that my body is going through. This has helped me to live a life that feels good, in a body I love, while navigating this menopause transition.

EVERY woman will go through menopause and yet not enough women are talking about it or preparing for it.

Are you there? Are you ready to prepare? Are you ready to make the changes to feel good too?

Then this is what you should do:

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