Introduction to Life and Relationship Coaching The Pleasured Life

Let’s be honest. Life looks different after 40.

But just because it looks different, that doesn’t mean that you have to give up

  • feeling good
  • having all kinds of energy.
  • living in a body that you love.
  • great health and vitality.
  • a fantastic sex life
  • a fulfilling career
  • feeling strong, confident and empowered

It’s a bold claim, but your life WILL change when you change how you eat.

Your life will change when you change the way that you look at food and how it fuels and nourishes your body.

Your life will change when you change your relationship with food.

I have a passion for working with women to tap into an energy and a vitality that they’ve been lacking by providing nutrition and lifestyle coaching for women over 40. Our needs look different than they did before but instead of looking at that as a barrier I like to look at it as an adventure.

I believe that adventure starts at the end of your fork.

Allison McKee


Eat like you WANT IT!

Let go of diet mentality and embrace food for pleasure