Introduction to Life and Relationship Coaching The Pleasured Life

Allison McKee

Women's Health and Lifestyle Coach

Life looks different after 40.

I really wanted to fight this tooth and nail. Doubling down on my old practices hoping that it would be enough to make things move back to where they used to be.

I ate the same, I moved my body the same (okay, harder) but my body didn’t look the same. Or feel the same. I’m pretty sure it didn’t belong to me at all AT ALL. And to top it off. I was super cranky.

THIS is what I’ve learned:

Life does look different after 40. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up things like…

  • feeling great
  • having enough energy
  • living in a body that you love
  • great health and vitality
  • a fantastic sex life
  • a fulfilling career
  • feeling strong, confident and empowered

It means that we shift to doing things that work for us at 40. Not the things that worked for us at 30. And it’s really about doing things smarter, not harder.

We’re really experienced by the time we hit that magic number. Experienced with what we want in life. It’s easier to say no to the things we don’t want. We’ve walked through some life experience by this point.

And frankly…at this point it’s all about feeling good.

“The primary intention is to feel good.”

That’s what The Pleasured Life is all about. It’s about creating a life that feels good by engaging in habits and practices that feel good and that make YOU feel good in every area of your life.

Ready for some tips to start feeling good after 40?

Learn how to create a life that feels good.