Introduction to Life and Relationship Coaching The Pleasured Life

YOU deserve

  • to feel good.
  • to have all kinds of energy.
  • to live in a body that you love.
  • to have good health and vitality.
  • to eat real, delicious food.
  • to be part of the movement towards good health!


It’s a bold claim, but your life WILL change when you change how you eat.

So- put down the diet app. Step away from the food trend and let me help you to develop a relationship with food. You have a responsibility to yourself and to those that you love to take care of yourself.

I have a passion for working with people to tap into an energy and a vitality that they’ve been lacking.

It starts on the end of your fork.

Allison McKee


Eat like you WANT IT!

Using Real Food to Create Unlimited Health and Wellbeing