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Allison McKee

Personal Trainer, Nutrition Consultant and Life Coach

Do you remember grade 5 health class?

When the boys and girls went into separate classes for ‘the talk’?

The girls class lasted much longer than the boys and I recall the school nurse or public health nurse looking as if she may cry as she told us what changes we could expect with our bodies.

That set me up for what I thought about my body and how I accepted the changes that happened to it.


I’d like a do over and now that I’m perimenopausal I’d also like to know….

Where’s my 40+ Health Class?

I’m here to offer women over 40, women who are navigating menopausal transition and perimenopause or who’ve entered menopause a new kind of health class.

Nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, relationships, symptom management and more.

EVERY woman will go through menopause and yet not enough women are talking about it or preparing for it.


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