Introduction to Life and Relationship Coaching The Pleasured Life

Allison McKee

Personal Trainer, Nutrition Consultant and Life Coach

Hi there

I’m Allison. I’m a personal trainer, nutrition consultant and life coach. I work with women over 40 who want to work with, not against, their changing bodies to create a life that feels good in a body that they love.

Yeah. Read that again.

In a body that they love.

THIS is what I’ve learned:

Your body may and probably will respond differently to the way you move and the way you eat after you turn 40…

AND YET you CAN still:

  • feel great
  • have tons of  energy
  • sleep like a baby
  • live in a body that you love
  • have great health and vitality
  • workout
  • eat delicious food
  • have a fantastic sex life
  • have a fulfilling career
  • feel strong, confident and empowered

If right now you’re thinking that the only way you can work off the middle age muffin top is by working harder in the gym and cutting back on the food…STOP IT!

If you’re ready to make a shift to do things that work for you, I can help you. If you’re ready to abandon the old thought process that says you just need to work harder to see results, I can help you. If you’re ready to live a life that feels good, if you’re ready to create a life that feels good- I can help you.

Your changing chemistry (hello hormones) and lifestyle (buh bye kids) needs a different approach. It doesn’t require doubling down on old practices but instead embracing new ones.

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