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Yoga Classes

Yoga is NOT just about stretching. It’s not about cross conditioning or fitness. Although it is also those things. Yoga is a lifestyle and a game changer. When you spend time in Yoga on your mat, you take what you’ve learned off the mat. You begin living Yoga.

7:30-8:30pm at Studio Om Lila May 7 to June 25

Packed with recipes to improve your gut health

Your gut is home to more bacteria than human DNA.
In fact, your whole body is more bacteria than human. It sounds like something straight outta a movie and it’s kind of creepy, but it’s also really quite amazing. AND it’s the secret sauce to looking great, feeling great, and living pleasure.

This book talks about gut health, what that is, what compromises our gut health and gives you 10 recipes to improve the health of your gut and optimize your health overall.

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