In The Pleasured Life Membership, this month our theme is Empower. Empower yourself and others to reach with kindness.

Empowerment is a big word. Try it. Say the word. Say Empowered. To be empowered, to say empowered, brings up feelings of strength and confidence, am I right?

The subtext in this oracle card, takes it a bit further and says to Empower yourself and others to reach with kindness. Empowerment is about getting shit done. Handled. It’s about reaching towards your goals dreams and desires with confidence and strength. When you feel confident, empowered, in your ability to reach and achieve, you will inspire others to do so as well.

Okay, now what’s this about doing it with kindness?

There’s a problem with our internal dialogue. It can quickly take us from empowered shewoman to dis-empowered church mouse if not kept in check. This is where Empowerment with an foundation of kindness comes in. In going for our goals. In reaching for our desires. In keeping your eye on the prize- whether that looks like eating cleaner, moving more, improving your relationships, advancing in your career, all of these things need to be done with an immense amount of self compassion and self kindness if they are to be achieved in a Empowered way.

This is what came up for me this weekend around Empowerment.

It was my first trail run of 2017. In fact, I’ve only been back to running for about a month. Running the flat streets of Claresholm is COMPLETELY different than running the wooded trails of Koocanusa. I was thinking about the topic of Empowerment as I headed out. I felt really excited to be back at it. Sporting new shoes, and socks and some cute new run pants, I felt light and fast and strong. Until I hit the first ‘hill’ and then, the gear I had purchased meant shit, because my lungs and legs burned and my breath was short. I felt myself start to criticize myself for not being able to do it. My thoughts quickly turned to others who are able to do it. ‘It‘ being run without effort. That the reason they can is because they haven’t dealt with the things I’ve dealt with over the last few years. Pity party. They have it so much easier and it isn’t fair. There also may be bears out here. I should just go back.  I let go of my ability to be kind to myself. You can put in your own scenario. I know you have them too. You have goals, dreams and desires and you’re ready to set about making it happen, and then something happens. It feels a little hard. And if you aren’t practicing self love and self care, you can find yourself taking a swirly into the toilet of dis-empowerment rather quickly.

The fine art of self care involves being able to remain kind to ourselves. Always.

Empower yourself and others to reach with kindness.

Empower – make someone stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.

Synonyms: emancipate, unshackle, liberate and set free

There it is, the secret for our personal growth and development. The ticket to achieving and reaching our dreams and desires.

Empower, emancipate, unshackle, liberate and set free yourself and others to reach with kindness.

I finished the run. I shook it off halfway through with this view. Completely Empowering.