This IS a post about celebration. Trust me.

There was a time, not that long ago, when it would have been really difficult for me to walk into a situation, a place, or an event fearlessly. I don’t know what it was, but I often felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. In a store that SOMEONE else didn’t believe she belonged in. No one snubbed me. It was, in fact, a SELF LIMITING belief that I had. Fear kept me from experiencing a lot of things.

This past weekend, for my birthday celebration, we headed to Calgary to EXPERIENCE our version of The Pleasured Life. My Pleasured Life encompasses so many different things, but on the list for that day was great food, great drink, body movement and fantastic company.

This is where I started to think about the old me. I wouldn’t have walked into a store that I didn’t feel I belonged in. I wouldn’t have gone into an out of the way little wine bar and ordered things off a menu that I hardly knew how to pronounce. I wouldn’t have walked through areas of the city I didn’t know. I limited my exposure and experiences to things because I was scared.

I have spent a lot of time in my life living in the fear of what if and the fear of the unfamiliar.

Fear keeps us stagnant. It may force us to stay in jobs, relationships, residences that we are suffocating in. Fear keeps us from exploring who we really are. What we want and what we are here to bring to the world. Fear keeps us from having life experiences that enhance our world and make living life worthwhile.

Marianne Williamson says that only love is real. Her quote,

“Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we have learned here.”

That is a testament to where fear truly comes from.

You are not originated out of fear, but from love. Fear comes from outside of you.

It isn’t yours.

Fear may be what’s holding you back from living your version of The Pleasured Life.

Looking fear in the eye and doing things anyway, is something that I understand I may be doing for the rest of my life. Things WILL come up in your life that bring with them the feeling of fear. But remember ONLY love is real. That fear, again, is not yours.

Recognizing that, will go a long way to opening up The Pleasured Life for you.

Today I am celebrating my understanding of what fear is, where it comes from. How I have been able to release it from my life. I am celebrating the recognition of where fear is likely to show up for me, and where I am in my life when it happens. Yes, I still get scared. But I don’t let it paralyze me anymore. I don’t let it keep me from doing the things I want to do. Or having experiences I want to have.

You don’t have to either.

*The Pleasured Life is a Lifestyle Design Coaching company that can help you on your own path to living The Pleasured Life. We can coach you on your fitness and on your health. Your relationships. Your career. But our favorite thing is to coach you on is blasting through the self limiting beliefs that you have that keep you small. The beliefs that have you stuck where you are right now, even though with every fibre of your being, you don’t want to be. Our goal for you in each of your endeavors is to be able to look at them and say, “Hell yes! I can do that!” and then to follow through in confidence and success.

Work with us today.