I need to riff.


I used to think that I needed to be a ‘hard core b*tch” In fact, I’ve been called that, out loud, in both endearing, well loved spaces and those not quite so much. In order to get shit done, you have to have action. This, my friends, is your masculine energy at work. It’s not a bad thing. We need it.

We also need that softer, sometimes kinder way of being that helps to create the ideas for the shit we want to get done. Enter your feminine.

I’ve got some background experience in living both of these in extremes. I feel I can knowingly speak to what happens when either energy is allowed to run the roost. What happens when you live solely out of one energy rather than being aligned and allowing each one to compliment the other?

My masculine helped me to train and qualify for the Boston Marathon. It helped me to build a very successful business. Coming solely from my masculine also helped me to end up with a serious case of exercise induced hemorrhoids, a whole host of gut issues (your second brain, your gut, talks to you when you aren’t listening otherwise) that landed me in hospital, high levels of stress (hello lip herpes…often) and a lot of anxiety. Do, do, do is the name of the game when your masculine is out of balance.

My feminine helped me to realize those relationships that were truly serving me and to let go of those that were not. It helped me to develop an amazing spiritual practice and find divine communion. It helped me to discover my true creative expression. To develop ideas about the work I wanted to bring into the world. It helped me to discover how I wanted to feel. Coming solely from my feminine also helped me to become lax about the goals that I said I wanted to achieve, it helped me to abandon discipline in many areas of my life. Coming from a purely feminine energy, I had a all of these creative ideas that I did nothing with. I lacked the focus I needed to bring my work into the world.



Alignment of those energies, masculine and feminine, is what is going to assist you in the co-creation of all that you desire to bring into your life.

Living in the feminine will help you to dream it. Calling in the masculine will enable you to create it.

My belief is that we have considered the feminine to be a sign of weakness and so we shy away from her. And when we dive heavy into our masculine energy, it’s not very long before we realize that we can’t live a fully pleasured life from that hard space. We crave the softness, the vulnerability and the tender space of our feminine energy. It is a safe place to land. To be cared for. To figure your shit out gently.

The first step is to determine where you sit.

Where do you find yourself?

Are you able to follow through with goals and a plan of action?

Are you wishy-washy about what your steps should be?

Are you pushing yourself doing things you think are helping you but are finding yourself worn out, sick, anxious?

Are you allowing ample time in your life to create the things you desire to have as part of your experience?

Once you determine if you are out of alignment, you can work to come back in and start creating the very life you want to create?

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It would be my pleasure to be your guide into creating The Pleasured Life you deserve to live.