I’m having an affair.

Rekindled really.

It’s been going on for a while now.

The way it makes me feel.

Close my eyes and…deep breath

It’s created an oral fixation. But I also love the way it feels in my hands.

Just to look at it….

I love living this life full of pleasure. The Pleasured Life.

I’m able to experience all kinds of safe and healthy affairs. Discovering the things that bring me the most desire. The most passion. The purest of pleasure.

Are you having an affair with yourself too? No? Then it’s time to fall in love with yourself. It’s time to start a love affair with you. One in which you become your hearts desire and everything that you do daily for yourself you do with complete adoration. Take the time, create in yourself the desire, to self care and  to nurture.

Since the sale of the gym at the end of August, I’ve found myself in the kitchen. A lot. It’s become my creative space. The best part about creative culinary pursuits (besides just saying that sexy phrase) is that, for me, they are multipurpose.

Stimulation of body, mind, and spirit purpose

Okay, Hippie, gone a little too far. Is that your reaction?

Have you tried to develop a love affair with your food? A mad passionate affair that involves all of your senses?

You know that body sizzle that happens when you are in a steamy love affair? That’s what food that nourishes body, mind and spirit will do for yourself.

There are some techniques however to creating this level of romance with your food.

  1. There is no such thing as a quickie. Probably listed as one of the biggest no-no’s by weight management experts, and something that runs as rampant as torn panties in our society, eating mindlessly will not develop your relationship with your food or bring you pleasure. It doesn’t matter if this is a one-night-stand A& W Cheeseburger or the freshest farm to table take-home-to-mother meal. If you aren’t giving what is going into your mouth your full attention, then you are unavailable to receive that love and attention in return.
  2. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Do away with the it’s-not-my-type thinking. You never know what kind of passion can be lurking for you behind those kale chips or the deep fried butter. Food affairs are no place for purity. Imagine straight up exploration into unknown territory that has the potential to create an amazing adventurous spirit that opens you up to all kinds of sexy offers. We get so set in our ways….wow! I’ve had food judging clients tell me there was no way they’d put a pepper to their lips and then when they released judgement, found out that red peppers are kind of hot.
  3. Check out new versions of old loves. People change and so do foods. so even if you discover that you like new things, don’t give up on the old. Breathe new life into the familiar and create an even hotter commodity. Find ways to use old favorites in new engaging ways. Find new deliveries of the old that turn you on. I just made a batch of bone broth. Pretty vanilla practice. This time I spiced up our encounter with a few different herbs and spices and it’s a completely attractive new version of the old.
  4. Try a little morning love. Or an afternoon delight. I’m trying to fit more greens into my day. I’ve been known to eat salad for breakfast. Well, we also eat breakfast for supper! This morning I juiced this amazing kick-your-pleasure-buds-into-high green juice and got a couple of servings of green love in. This afternoon, I’m planning on creating a morning caffeine-free coffee-like tonic from Chaga mushrooms. Shake things up! True love affairs throw caution to the wind. They don’t care if it seems wild and crazy! They just want to experience that butterfly feeling.


Here’s the deal. Make even the smallest of things in your life a pleasure. The things you maybe have not associated with pleasure before.

Make your food a pleasure. It nourishes the very core of how you actually discover pleasure in your world. Through your body, your physical vessel.

When you start to really love on the mundane and other experiences in your life, when you create this DESIRE to create pleasure in all things that are a part of your life

  • food
  • relationships
  • sweating
  • your job
  • your hobbies
  • your spirituality +++++

Then you also begin to create a life that is abundant in those things that bring you pleasure!!! That will create for you, the perfect opportunity to start living The Pleasured Life.

*Living The Pleasured Life is a lifestyle decision. If you are interested in Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching that will bring you closer to all things Pleasured, then work with me!