There’s a part of me that wishes this personality trait would have been more developed about 30 years ago, but then I have come to understand that things happen for me when they are supposed to and so, I try to relax into it a little.

I took one of those online strength and personality tests the other day. The Via Character and Strength Survey listed my top 25 character traits and strength attributes.

Number one on my list of character strengths was Life Long Learning.

Not surprising.

I’m a sponge! I want to know all the things, take all the classes, have all of the learning experiences. When it comes to learning and especially learning something that allows me to understand myself more, I’m all in!

The character of being a life long learner also comes with it’s polarity partner, Life Long Unlearning.

In order to make room for the new, we need to purge the old. In habit and in closet. It’s the best way to remain uncluttered and efficient.

We have vast amounts of knowledge at our fingertips. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and become over-consumers of information without any intention of integrating what we’ve learned. Because I have such a desire for knowledge, I was starting to become aware of how often this was the case for me. I had this great, big A-HA! moment when I realized it was the fear of the unlearning, letting go of what I thought I knew that was keeping me from integrating new beliefs, concepts, theories and behaviors. This has probably been the most important part of the learning and unlearning process for me. Becoming conscious about the integration piece.

I have found that there are certain concepts that I have learned that are applicable to all areas of my life and therefore it’s much easier to do a broad integration.

The Desire Map is an example of this. It has a format and a framework that I love for being able to set goals and create and design a life that I’m excited to live. This too, however, has been a practice of integration and I’ve been surprised that after years of practice stuff just keeps coming up for me in regards to how I want to feel. I love it so much, it inspired me to teach it as well! If you would like to participate in a workshop, the information for the next one is here.


What are you learning right now? Is there something you need to unlearn in the process? Are you an over consumer? How do you integrate what you learn?  I want to know!!!