Getting Started

When I started to add Pleasure Practices into my life, I could feel my whole being respond. I’d awakened a sleeping giant. I was hungry to search out things that could make me feel good in everyday and in every life area. The result??? I HAVE more fun! I enjoy my life because pleasure is my focus and my set point!

Do you want to laugh and smile and have fun, even when it’s raining and your tent is falling down and you need a tarp at a music festival??

Then there are a few specific starting points that I’d love to share with you!

The benefits of a regular meditation practice are thoroughly researched and documented. And yet still, people are scared to give it a whirl.

You can’t do it wrong.

I call this first step meditation and stillness because often as busy women, just to sit still for 5 minutes is a pleasure in itself.

So? Your step one is to find 5 minutes everyday this week. And to just be still.

Don’t worry about silencing the mind chatter. Don’t worry about the breath. Don’t worry about anything. Just take 5 purposeful minutes to be still before you start your day.

Before discovering the Pleasure Practices, I was always on the run. Literally and figuratively, I was running.

Moving your body is a practice that is non-negotiable. How you do it is up for grabs based on what feels good for you.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with setting goals and doing the hard work it sometimes takes to get there. Fitness goals are no different. However, there is a difference between training hard and feeling good about it and training hard and not feeling good about it. Your body knows the difference.

If you aren’t active in your daily life right now. Start small. A 10 minute walk. Throw your favorite song on and shake it.

If you are active, and you know that you have in the past, or at this moment have the potential to over exercise, I want you to try something new. Maybe the whole dancing to a song makes you roll your eyes. That means it’s the right stretch. The right challenge for you.

Food is the last tab? But it’s the most important.

Food and it’s energy will infiltrate every area of your life. Even some you didn’t know about.

Food and:

  • Your Physical Body
  • Relationships
  • Body Image
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Self Worth
  • Chronic Pain
  • Hormones
  • Motivation

And so much more. The starting point on this part of the pleasure journey is a biggie. Start by removing one processed food from your daily diet. The goal is to remove all processed foods but because people become so triggered by this one step, baby step. Remove one processed food that you eat daily. Creamer in your coffee? The mid morning packaged granola bar? The frozen dinner? Take it out of your diet. And do so with love. Not punishment. You are far too worthy to be ingesting things you can’t pronounce!

” Your BODY is a living, breathing canvas. A testament to how you live your life. Not by how your body looks, but by how your body feels. Show it respect by what you do to it, and with it. Allow this amazing vehicle to experience pure pleasure every single day. make daily pleasure a habit, and your life WILL change.” – Allison McKee


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