So, what happens after you hand write 100 wishes a day for 7 days?

In my Kundalini Yoga Class last Saturday, the homework our teacher assigned, was to hand write 100 wishes a day for 7 days. The wishes could not be the same. And they couldn’t be wishes for anyone else either.

All my wishes.



Every day.

For 7 days.

I made it harder. I didn’t fully understand the instructions. I understood that the wishes couldn’t be the same for any of the 7 days. 700 separate wishes.

You know the movies. Rub the lamp. Out pops the Genie.

I give you three wishes. And you can’t wish for more wishes.

I had the opportunity here for 700 wishes to be wished.

Have you played that game? Of course you have. What would you wish for?

This was not some stingy Genie though. 700 Wishes!!!

My first day was fairly easy. There are many things I could wish for. And I did.

Day 2 and 3, still pretty easy in the processing. I started to be a little more clever in my wish writing. For example, I named each Goddess that I wanted to study more on, rather than just writing, for example,

#10 Study Goddesses.

That bought me 5 extra wishes.

By Day 4 & 5, it was getting harder. I was starting to see where this practice was going.

Day 6, I was pretty much wished out and by day 7 I managed only 50 wishes to write.

What came out of this for me was this. Of the things that I wish for, many are not out far out of my reach. Many of the things I desire, I actually already have in some form or another. Especially the things most important to me. And by less than midway through the exercise? I was wishing for things that weren’t things. Follow? Things like more patience, kindness, and understanding. We could always use more of those, correct?

I also found it difficult to not make wishes for other people. However, when I improve upon how I show up in the world, then others will be positively affected as well. Another very real outcome to this exercise is that when you put your desires in writing and you send it out into the ethers, it will enter Universal Conscious and it WILL make its way back to you. Trust me on that.

I challenge you to this exercise. Can you hand write 100 wishes each day for 7 days? What are your wishes and desires?

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