When I move my feet and do so in a consistent manner…

I get ideas and I recover memories.

I have epiphanies!

Thursday, March 31 First Worm Run of 2016.

After the rain last night, those slimy little suckers covered the sidewalk and I dodged them like my feet were on fire. I’ve been studying the Eight Limbs of Yoga and the first Yama is Ahisma. Do not harm any living creature.

No #wormkiller today.

I stopped to take a walk break and that’s when I remembered.

A few months ago, I had a relative ask me in the grocery store, surrounded by others, loudly….

“Are you not running anymore?”

Without going into the story, because I ditched my ownership of that on the run, be aware that her full intent with that comment was that obviously I wasn’t. As she looked me up and down.

No, I hadn’t been running up until then. I was picking it up again at the time of her stupid insinuating question.

I saw her again, about a week ago and she exclaimed in delight,

“Your mother tells me you are running again! I’m so happy!”

It’s true. I’ve been running since she last saw me. I was running before she saw me. I’ve been doing many things she may or may not know about before, after and since our chance meetings.

When we make changes in our lives people are going to be affected.

That’s a fact.

However, people are affected mostly because of how they choose to identify us. That’s the most important thing to remember here.

That’s one reason why change gets tricky and feels hard.

Now, this relative isn’t personally affected by whether or not I run. Really. It isn’t affecting her life at all.

She’s comfortable identifying me with that activity and when she couldn’t because I wasn’t, it through her off and she couldn’t understand and it made her uncomfortable.

People don’t like to be made uncomfortable by others.

Now imagine what happens when we make changes in our lives that are bigger than our morning run.

Imagine what happens to the comfort levels of our loved ones when we do a 180.

What will they think???

My mother won’t approve.

My father will be disappointed.

My friends won’t want to spend time with me.

We start to identify with the identity that others have given us. We don’t want to rock the boat. We become frightened to make the change.

Does this mean I’m telling you not to make changes?

No, this is why I’m telling you to make those changes.

Living from anothers comfort level is never going to allow you to live The Pleasured Life.

Get super clear on how YOU want to feel in your life. And then do everything that is going to make YOU feel that way.

Run, don’t run.

Get married, get divorced.

Change jobs, quit your job to sell jewellery on the beach.

You will never live your full potential when you live someone else’s potential for you.