My Story

Ask yourself....

How do I want to feel?

My Story

I never had body image issues as a kid. My body issues came after.

I had my kids when I was really young and like so many other moms, when the years of baby carrying were done,  I needed my body back.

So much so that I decided to make it my job.

I became a personal trainer and I opened a fitness facility. Then it started. I was teaching multiple classes a day and participating in them as well. I was coaching clients and doing their workouts along side them. I was leading run groups and running with the participants. I was doing my own training on the side.

“It’s so refreshing to see a facility owner that walks the walk”- I was told.

People looked in my grocery cart at the grocery store.

People watched what I ordered when I went out to eat.

My physical body was having a hard time keeping up. And I was obsessed.

It was a 20 second kiss at 20 miles into a marathon, celebrating 20 years of marriage with my husband  when this picture was taken.

So romantic. So sexy. Right?

But I love this picture for all of the reasons you can’t see.

You can’t see the heel spurs and exercise induced hemorrhoids I was suffering. You can’t see that being a size 2 didn’t make me happy. You can’t see that I’m exhausted. You can’t see that I had just begged the race volunteer to drive me back to the finish line. You can’t see that I had been pinching my belly telling myself that I needed to tighten up the diet to run faster. You can’t see that my relationship was suffering. You can’t see that I spent 5 days in the hospital for gut issues. You couldn’t see it because I was focused on making my outside perfect so that you wouldn’t know what a shit show my life was!

I just wanted to feel good. I KNEW that to have pleasure in my body would mean that I had pleasure in other areas of my life.

You see, your body is a barometer for what goes on outside of it. You filter experiences through your physical vessel. When your body is clear, you have a clear experience of what’s going on outside of you.

What was it going to take to bring me pleasure? What I’d been doing wasn’t cutting it.

So, how do I start to feel good?

Let me tell you....

The primary intention was to FEEL GOOD.

Most of us don’t feel good, though. Day in and day out we feel tired and fat. Unproductive and unmotivated. We feel like we don’t measure up. We feel turned off rather than on.

When I learned that:

  • I’m important
  • my body is amazing
  • food is medicine
  • movement is balm
  • one size fits all is a big crock of BS
  • lifestyle choices are key

Then I started to FEEL GOOD.

Feeling good looks like

  • eating real food for health and for hunger. Knowing what foods make your body feel good and thrive.
  • moving for purpose and for pleasure. Knowing what movement makes your body feel good and thrive.
  • learning about who you are. What you desire. And how you want to show up in YOUR world. Knowing what makes you feel good and thrive.

If you notice the above, you’ll notice that YOUR is bold faced. It’s because it’s high time that you get to discover exactly what YOU need.

I can show you how to do that. I can help you to live The Pleasured Life. YOUR Pleasured Life.

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