My Story

And then I turned 40...

I woke up on my 40th birthday and it felt as if everything I knew about myself the day before had changed.

Those who’d gone before me let me know that things, aka my body, were going to change almost overnight.

Everything was going to feel out of my control. Hair was going to spring up out of no where. Along with a middle age muffin top. I wouldn’t be able to sleep through the night. My joints would hurt. I’d have wrinkles and acne. I’d become foggy. Stop remembering the names of my friends or kids. Run through the list, including the pets to get to the right one. My old routines wouldn’t work. I could have water and a toothpick 3 meals a day and gain 5 lbs from looking at a picture of a donut. I could continue to run my 5 miles a day but not lose an ounce. My emotions would be all over the place. I wouldn’t get a period for 2 months. And then I’d have it for 2 months.

Not me, I thought. I’m a personal trainer. I’m a nutrition consultant. I’m a feminist. I’m a life coach. I got this. I have a background in this.

And then I turned 40.

Doubling down on my old practices, hoping that it would be enough to make things move back to where they used to be wasn’t cutting it. Nothing about this felt good and damn it! I just wanted to feel good.

Sound familiar?

We don’t need to work harder after 40 to continue to be healthy, well and feel amazing. To set goals. To continue to meet challenges. We need to work smarter. Work with our changing bodies and our growing knowledge of ourselves, not against them.

I work one-one with clients as well as in group training/coaching programs to help women over 40 live in a body that they not only recognize as their own but love. I help women over 40 to define and live The Pleasured Life as their own.

I’ve researched and discovered what has worked for me and many other women going through menopause transition. From supplements to food. From sleep to fitness. From stress relief to sun exposure. Lifestyle practices are where it’s at to create a life that feels good and manage the symptoms of perimenopause.


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