I got A LOT out of the thyroid health and food workshop with Good Food + You  and the amazing Luka Symons on Saturday at the Light Cellar.

The most poignant for me was this…

No ONE’s getting out alive!

It’s really important to me to do all the things that make me feel good. I want to live a fully pleasured life. There’s a fine line though. I’ve been known to beat myself (and others by judgement) in the past when I ‘skip’ steps or try to make things easier.

I chuck it up to this….

I have a (mistaken) belief that if things are worthwhile doing, then they need to be hard. You have to hustle…you know blood sweat and tears, Baby! If you want results. It was why I could be competitive in the running field for as long as I was. It was how I could keep my body in a perpetual state of starvation and stress. Hello sad adrenals and messed up hormones.

But doing HARD things all the time becomes….well, hard. And not so fun and not at all pleasurable.

When I embarked on this journey of discovering pleasure, it was after a time in my life when I didn’t search for it at all. Shit was just always really hard.

I NEVER want to be there again.

And so the message is this dear friends. Take care of your body. Eat real food. Cook at home. Eat with friends. Move your body. Seek joy and pleasure. Do everything that you can to live your fullest most passionate and pleasured and find a few short cuts along the way.

Someone asked me what brand of ghee I used,

I make it, I said.

Then I realized how unattainable that sounded.. as well as purist. Blech! I kind of made myself sick!  I also realized that honestly, sometimes it’s a total pain in the ass for me to make these things and that it’s completely fine if I decide to buy my favorite product.


Because no one’s getting out alive.

Choose well. Do your best. Live Pleasure. Feel Good. Eat real. Move. Seek joy.