Over the course of the last couple of weeks, I can’t believe how many times I have heard this,

“I saw myself in a picture and I was horrified!”

“My arms were huge. My gut looked large. I’m never wearing that shirt again.”

I threatened my photographer friend from showing pictures she took of me, so, I get it.

“Good grief Woman! You could have told me horizontal stripes were NOT a good idea!”

She thinks the pictures are beautiful.

That’s the thing! We continue to be our own worst critics. Others don’t notice our perceived flaws like we do.

So hard on ourselves.

“Let me see that one.”

“Yuck! Delete! Do another!”

I’m trying to figure out whether it’s because we are in a society that is so obsessed with comparing ourselves to filtered, fixed, photo shopped images of the so called beautiful that we have forgotten what natural looks like. Even though we KNOW that those images are not real.

Or do we really do think so little of ourselves and tie so much worth to our appearance?

“I looked at a picture of myself at this event (*that I was having a boatload of fun at until I looked at the damn photo stream) and that’s it! I need to get serious about these flabby arms”

Makes me cringe. I wonder if we could look at a picture and talk about how fun the event was rather than how fat our arms look.

My daughter is taking a class, Women in the Justice System and they watched the documentary, Killing Us Softly, a documentary based on a lecture by Jean Kilbourne. It’s all about women and the media and the damage it is doing to us as a result. Definitely worth a watch. (It is graphic and not for all audiences)

I spent much of the watch through tears.

It is bringing me to my knees, Ladies. How little we think of ourselves and the things that we say to ourselves. We spend more time belittling than building!

I have a mission in life. As your coach, I want to teach you how to nourish your vessel and move it as practice and not punishment. To help you discover that telling yourself on the daily how horrible you look, how fat you are, how unattractive you are. is not making you more beautiful. To change the tape in your head about your worth and the way that you show up in this world.

The battering ram of thoughts that we use against our hearts and our bodies, needs to be laid aside.

You CAN come to a point in which you love and honor your body. Right now. Today where it is. It takes some work to unearth all the toxic things you have said and thought, but it’s possible.

I’ve decided that these pictures that I wanted to hide away, I’m sharing. I don’t love them. But I love me. I can see the blessings in the lessons and the surroundings of my life that have taken place over the last years to bring me to where I am. I’m not the hard body that I was a few years ago. My body padded me up to help protect me from the pain I was going through. That’s how my body works. Yours might work a different way. However, I can see and I can feel, that as I continue to journey, that my body is actually finding it’s way back to where it wants to be. It’s not through crazy diet and exercise. It’s through love and discovery of what works best for me in the way of fitness and nutrition. It is a daily practice of stillness and surrender. It is the removal of all things toxic- food, relationships, thoughts, old beliefs. And then planting new concepts and belief systems.

Lay down your words, the swords you keep stabbing yourself with and learn to love yourself.

You can feel free like this!



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