The Pleasured Life Membership

I feel fierce in this picture.

Fierce is growing inside of you too, or you wouldn’t be reading this.

Living The Pleasured Life is a journey. This isn’t a passive place to come if you are looking for change. No easy steps to living the life you desire. No pills or drinks to get the body you want. No swipe right for the relationship you want. And if you want to have a peaceful connection in your life, you have to work for that too.

The difference is that you are going to go after the things you want, you desire and you deserve with pleasure in mind. And I want to be your guide.

With The Pleasured Life Membership, you will have access to Live Monthly calls where we will discuss a variety of topics that fall into the categories of health, wealth, relationships and spirituality. The calls will be recorded because I know what kind of busy, pleasured lives you are leading when you are living on point.

You will have weekly videos pertaining to our monthly topics coming to your inbox or available here on the site so that you can keep motivated to grow in your goals.

Our private Facebook Group will offer the community support you need from other like minded pleasure seekers. Creating community and tribe is necessary for this journey.

I will have office hours once a month for those of you that need a little deeper dive, have questions, need a little bit more. For the first 6 months of the membership these are offered free of charge.

There will be a monthly Q& A opportunity that I will respond to via email.

You will also have access to Practices for Living The Pleasured Life Course, a $47 value for free!

The monthly price is right at $39/month or 6 months for $180. You’ll have access to a Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Spiritual Teacher and Supportive Community. And if you are unhappy, you can cancel at anytime.

  • Live Monthly Calls (recorded so you CAN’T MISS!)
  • Weekly on topic video to keep you motivated
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Practices for Living The Pleasured Life Course: A $47 Value
  • ‘Office Hours’ once a month that you can self schedule for a deeper dive
  • Monthly Q & A

Sneak Peek- January 2017 Schedule

  • Live Call:

Life Inventory- Where are you at?

Create a Theme for 2017

In this first live call, we’re going to do what we need to and start at the beginning. You need to know, with clarity, what’s working in your life and what isn’t. Using a variety of tools, I will walk you through creating your own life inventory so that you know where you are meeting your goals and dreams, and which area needs more focus.

  • Weekly Videos

In your weekly videos, I’m going to help you dig deeper into each one of your life areas. We are going to investigate your patterns. Discover how to make them work for you, and why they may be working against you.

  • Office Hours

You can have 20 minute access to me for any burning questions you may have on January 17 from 10 am- 9pm. Obviously, there is limited spaces available, so you’ll want to register early. When you subscribe to your membership you will receive the link to self schedule yourself into my calendar.

  • Q & A

You will have the opportunity to send me questions you need answered January 23, and I will answer to the best of my ability by January 30.