Not every day feels full of pleasure.

Just over two weeks ago now,  I had my right hip replaced. The surgery went well but I encountered some awful recovery nursing care. I was left feeling anything but pleasured.

Part of me wanted to play the victim but I knew that to really make changes in any situation that I find myself in, I first have to take responsibility for myself.

One of three expectations prior to discharge after a hip replacement is the ability to navigate stairs with the use of crutches. I knew I had to be home to look after my own pain management and in order to do so I must conquer the stairs.

Infrequent and insufficient pain medication made it near impossible to walk the day before. I took responsibility by insisting on taking the stairs sometime after medication on the last day and that enabled me to make it home. I did the damn stairs!!!

I knew that I had to be home with the support of my family and friends in order to begin the healing process. Although, I could look after myself, I still need the support that comes from those that love me.

Now, after being home this last couple of weeks, I am back to living The Pleasured Life.

  • Home with the love and support of my family
  • Friends lending commode chairs
  • Extended family with recliners and well wishes
  • Friends coming for visits and bringing meals
  • Partners to walk with while I push the walker down the street

Allison being the primary caregiver. Putting on my socks and my shoes.

The kids fetching articles that are out of reach and bringing up the Xbox for their invalid father.

My families love, support and patience, as well as my friends well wishes and visits, are all a part of living MY Pleasured Life and I’m eternally grateful.

Making an effort to create loving and supportive relationships always, means that you will still experience The Pleasured Life in good times and in times of need.