Thank God it’s Spring!!!

Alright, I know that is pretty lame. It’s been the most amazing and mild winter that a Canadian could ever hope for! It’s felt like Spring all along!

This past weekend, I was privileged to participate in a celebration of Spring 2016 in such a way that I have not yet had the pleasure of experiencing.

I gathered, with a group of celebrating Yogis, to welcome the return of the Sun in a Spring Equinox Celebration of 54 Sun Salutations.

As we gathered and talked about the significance of the event, it was suggested that the following intention be set:

Be Open to Receive

I felt my throat get tight and my eyes misty. With a major surgery having just occured in our home, I haven’t taken much time to receive.

Perspective is a grand gift my friends.

Keira opened the event and spoke about the day and the setting of this unsettling (to me) intention. She spoke about what being open to recieve could mean for us – receiving the sun back into the Northern Hemisphere, receiving longer days, receiving the warmer weather, receiving the rebirth of nature with the budding of trees, greening of grass and blooming of flowers.

Closing our eyes and breathing in.

When we turn up the silence and turn down the noise these stupidly simple and yet profound concepts have room to come to us.

As we began our practice, I kept hearing,

Stop doing. Start being.

Okay…what does that have to do with receiving? The intention I was JUST told to set was Be Open to Receive?

Do you know how many Sun Salutations it takes before your arms quiver and you can no longer lower slowly to the floor with elbows close into the body? No? Me neither. I lost count. But it was around this time that our teacher told us that part of the purpose of a 54 Sun Salutation practice was to create monotony for the body so that the mind could be freed. No longer having to worry about what the body was doing, gave the mind the perfect opportunity to open up to what was coming down the pipes. Be aware of what comes up for you. Release control. Release the need to control.

Stop doing. Start being.

And there it was. Just like that, I stopped doing the vinyasa. With my mind anyway. My body continued, just like I was told that it would. In that moment, I released the control and I stopped doing. I started being. And there came those stupidly simple and profound concepts.

Being is the perfect precursor to receiving.

Why? Because like attracts like.

Doing keeps the mind engaged.

Being frees it up.

Stop doing. Start being.

This mantra has transferred into all kind of life events for me this week…and it’s only Wednesday.

Stop doing. Start being on my run…it felt easier

Stop doing. Start being– as I made dinner…it tasted better

Stop doing. Start being– as I had a conversation…it was more intimate.

I realized that the shift in perspective that I needed to take was to first let go of the need to be doing. The illusion of control that comes with doing. I realized that I really wasn’t doing things I thought I needed to do. I was, in fact, being there for someone that I love more than anything else. I was being what he needed me to be. Moving to a space of being freed me up from the ego driven act of doing.

In being, I am receiving as well. As I let go of the need to do and open up to the desire to be, it brings with it a knowlege that being comes from deeper within. I am choosing to be, and in turn, I’m receiving the deep currents of gratitude and kindness for that decision.

Try it.

Stop doing. Start being.