“I just can’t pinpoint it….”

Ever say that?

I have been known to utter those words a time or two!

There’s something nagging at you and you just aren’t sure what it is, let alone what to do about it.

So go’s the journey on the Spiritual Path. Those things, that you can’t pinpoint, when you are doing the work, they have a way of showing themselves. You then sit there feeling like you were just smacked upside the head and wondering how the heck you didn’t know that was bothering you!

I have been feeling some body pain. I know by now that I often physically manifest discomfort and disease in my body when I haven’t fully dealt with a situation of stuck emotion.

Just like the Mob heavy…it has ways of making me talk.

Talk it was. Talking up a storm in my hips and back.

I am beyond grateful and blessed to have a team of connected talented folks that are able to balance me out when need be. This week, I was so fortunate to have my hippy soul sister here and unbeknownst to us, our Yin Yoga, Reiki and Chakra Balancing Session turned into a full blown Release Retreat. For me.

I’ve been under a fair amount of stress, and so, with my sacrum supported on a block and taking supportive bridge pose, I felt a release of emotion start to take effect on my body. Kelly encouraged me to take my hands over head. There I was, fully supported and heart open. It was a release explosion.

Here’s the thing. It wasn’t my present circumstances that were making their way through my tissues but instead a situation 7 years old was what came to my minds eye as I found myself weeping with release. In my most vulnerable state, my oldest, by friendship years, bestie by my side.

The accusation that I had been selfish in some of my behaviours back all those years ago was something that I obviously hadn’t dealt with. That I hadn’t released. There it sat waiting for the perfect opportunity to come up. The moment when I was ready to deal with what was ailing me in so many ways.

As a result of that situation, at this present time in my life, I have been very conscious of not being viewed as selfish. Of looking after all that needs my attention and my assistance in my present world. Those long ago spoken words I had forgotten until my butt was on the block and my amazing friend was releasing the energy of that through her magic hands. Those hurtful words found their way into my present moment without me really knowing it.

What I realized was that this was the perfect opportunity for me to learn on a very personal level that I can take time to take care of self and still look after my responsibilities. That, in fact, taking care of myself is the only way that I can take care of others.

PS. I know this. I teach this. Somehow, right now, I had been overlooking it for myself.

It also occurred to me that when I am living from a space of caring fully for self as part of my primary focus, so as to be able to care also for the rest of my tribe, I empower those around me and inspire them to discover how they can also make self care #1 priority.

Living The Pleasured Life is knowing how you want to feel. That is our primary tenet.

Knowing how you want to feel also shines light on how you don’t want to feel. What are you holding onto that may be either clouding the clarity you need for discovering your Core Desired Feelings? What are you holding onto that may be taking up residence in your physical body? A physical manifestation of the emotion that is trying to release?

If you just “can’t seem to pinpoint” what it is. If you are reading this thinking that you too, would like to experience a release, a knowing, a chance to change how you are feeling right now… physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, then you may be ready to shift some sh#t and we can help!