I woke up facing my night table. As my eyes adjusted and familiar surroundings started to sink in, I noticed a gathering of items on the corner of the table. My brain started to play this game. What the heck IS that? I could feel my eyes refocusing as they sent the message of what they were seeing to my brain to complete that information picture.

It seemed like a long while and it wasn’t until I lifted my head and shifted the perspective from where I was looking that the vision became crystal clear. There sat my ring and the bracelets that I’d removed before bed the night before.

BAM! I love a great metaphor.

Perspective shift.

One of my teachers, the late Dr Wayne Dyer, wrote the book Change your Thoughts. Change your Life. He was also known to quote the following.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

How often do you stare down a thought, a belief or a situation in life that you are trying to change? You keep looking at it, staring at it, but it doesn’t change. What you are seeing and sending to your brain for identification is the same process I had staring at those items on my table. Unless you change the perspective from which you are viewing things from, the way you are thinking about them, or believing about what they are, then that lump of situation is going to continue to look exactly the same.

Watch art enthusiasts as they contemplate a sculpture. They take a walk around it, pondering each angle, gathering all the information they need to form their opinion, their belief, their thoughts on this piece. That’s the method we need to adopt in order to change the way things look in our world.

What would it feel like to rise up from slumber and look at something from a different view? What would your so called problems look like if you viewed them from another angle altogether? What changes can you make with a simple perspective shift in your life?


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