Your body is so smart and yet you try to outsmart your body with your mind. Making it eat less than it needs, or move more. Making it do things it doesn’t like.

If only I had enough fingers and toes to count the number of ads that I saw yesterday alone for diet and exercise options so that you can change the worthless blob body and person you are in 2019.

Each of the offered methods seem to think that they’re the one and only way to get that perfect bod that our culture is calling you to have.

Chances are HIGH that you’ve added improving your health to a list of resolutions, intention or goals for the next year. That’s cool. I have too. It’s so important to look after our health. In fact, I think it should be number one priority. Being mindful about eating real food, and moving our bodies. Making sure that we rest, and that we have supportive relationships in our lives. Our bodies are a barometer and a magnifying glass for how we experience our world. Creating optimum health will reflect optimum experience.

The thing is, that looks different for everyone. Sure, there’s a formula. You’re going to feel like junk and garbage if you eat junk and garbage. If you don’t move your body, you can’t have optimum health. If you watch too much TV, or get limited sleep, you won’t be your best self.

But you know you best and when you put that control in the hands of others it becomes a stress.

I don’t even know where I heard this, but it’s gold.

We could all do the same exercise, eat the same food and our bodies would still look different.

There’s NO one size fits all approach to health and wellness. There’s NO perfect body shape. There’s just YOUR perfect body.


What if you made the goal for 2019 reconnecting to YOUR body? What if the goal was about optimizing YOUR own health, vibrancy, radiance? Discover, with curiosity, what your body needs.

I asked the question on social media, if you never had to follow another diet, count calories, macros, points would it scare you or relieve you? Most people said it would relieve them.

You can feel that relief by listening and making choices about what’s best for your body. Forget about all the gimmicks.

Embrace your physical make up, create a relationship with your body, the food you nourish it with, the way you move it so that you can learn what it is that you need to be healthy and well. You’re the expert on you.

I’d love to see you owning your health and well being on your own terms in 2019. I know I am.